An Old-Fashioned Rosh Hashanah

An Old-Fashioned Rosh Hashanah

Vultures love a holiday tradition as much as anyone, and nothing beats one that can include beautiful apples and local honey from our Haunted Hudson Valley. So we came up with a variation on the Old-Fashioned that includes both, and also mellows you out for contemplation of the sweet year ahead.

In a rocks glass, muddle chopped fresh apple with a tablespoon or two of honey and a dash of bitters. This is definitely all to your personal taste.

Add a goodly portion of quality whisky. We prefer two ounces of a bourbon like Maker’s Mark. Stir stir stir.

Add ice. Stir stir stir.

Top with a jot of soda water. Stir stir stir.

Garnish with a slice of apple dipped in honey. Add a straw.

Shana Tova to you all!

Always drink responsibly; always drink well.


One Response to “An Old-Fashioned Rosh Hashanah”

  1. Great idea! I am going to try it tonight!

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