The Pink Squirrel ala The Cocktail Vultures

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The Pink Squirrel a la Cocktail Vultures

The story goes that the Pink Squirrel was invented in 1941 in a bar in Wisconsin, but didn’t enter the popular imagination until the Sixties when it became identified as one of the original “girl drinks.”  Those suburban housewives were looking for something stronger than a lemonade in the afternoon while playing bridge or Mah Jong.  The Pink Squirrel was thereby brought to ruin through the marketing of bottled versions in liquor stores, and powdered prefab make-it-yourself kits in supermarkets. The Cocktail Vultures love a challenge, and decided to rediscover what made this drink popular so many years ago. We kicked the recipe around the block a bit, took out the Creme de Cacao, and put back what we’ve discovered was an ingredient in the original recipe: ice cream.

To a shaker, add:

2 ounces Creme de Noyaux
1 ounce chocolate vodka (Our favorite:
2 ounces melted vanilla ice cream

Shake long and hard with crushed ice; strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

A note on Creme de Noyaux: it’s an almond-flavored, sweet liqueur. It’s old-timey and not easy to find. Brands include Hiram Walker, Bols and Marie Brizard. If you only manage to snag a bottle of Creme de Almond, add a drop of red food coloring to stay with the original pink color.

Created 7/31/2010

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  1. Trying it this very eve… ❤

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