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Krush Kill Destroy or why we love the “Juice-O-Mat” juicer

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Peggy's Necromonger Junior

Face it: you can’t make a good cocktail without fresh-squeezed juice and you can’t make a lot of good cocktails without a lot of fresh-squeezed juice, and that requires a reliable and efficient juicer (and a good-looking one doesn’t hurt either). So let me introduce you to the Juice-O-Mat juicer.

This classic styled juicer not only looks great but does an amazing job of extracting every last drop out of whatever citrus you are putting to the test. With its all-metal construction and a geared lever handle, it is a tank of a juicer and will allow you to power through all your juicing needs with relative ease. I have had one for years, before I even started down the mixologist path, simply because I loved the way it looked. Our nickname for it is “The Necromonger” as it looks very sci-fi and particular to the style of the movie “The Chronicles of Riddick.”

I have come to juice all your limes!!!!

Here is one from my collection.

Juice-o-Mat Juice Monger

the inner workings

Now where to find one…… eBay or tag sales and thrift shops are your best sources. Sometimes you will find a very chipped, painted one; don’t fret, just take it apart, give it a quick dip in paint remover and either polish or repaint it. It is the best juicer you can have on your bar…….. Period! All the fancy plastic contraptions will cower in the mighty presence of your personal Necromonger juicer!!!!

Happy Hunting and Happier Juicing.