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Creature from the Black Lagoon

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CreatureCreature From the Black Lagoon

No movie monster deserves a summery green drink more than The Creature; when you’re ready to entertain friends at the seaside or relaxing near your favorite lagoon, our cocktail is a perfect accompaniment.

The Brazilian locale of the movie makes Cachaça the obvious choice, and we were careful to include a “black lagoon” feature.

To an iced shaker, add:

2 ounces Cachaça (we enjoy
2 ounces Midori (
1 ounce Cruzan Coconut Rum (
1 ounce lime juice
1 ounce pineapple juice

1 ounce dark spiced Rum (we prefer

Shake VIOLENTLY! for a good 30 seconds (we demand a well-shaken cocktail). Strain into a large rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Set the reamed lime half in the ice as a bowl and fill that with the Kraken or other dark rum. Add a straw and enjoy.

The vegetal nature of the Cachaça offsets the Midori and makes a clean and refreshing drink with a hint of Tiki influence. Just don’t go swimming alone!

Always drink responsibly; always drink well.

Green Ghost Cocktail

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ggg drink

We rarely let our readers forget the “Vulture” aspect of the Cocktail Vultures, and our latest recipe is no exception. We are proud to be part of the Monster Kids of the Sixties and Seventies, and as such, we were happily suckered into all those crazy, gimmicky board games they pushed during our Saturday morning and after-school cartoons. Hence our inspiration — the Green Ghost Game, the most gimmicky, and spooky, of them all!


Why gimmicky? Well, when the game appeared in 1965, it was tagged as “the first game designed to be played in the DARK!” So the Vultures have followed this lead, and made a cocktail you can drink in the dark, in a room with some black lighting — but it also looks swell in regular lighting, candle lighting, Lava-Lamp lighting… You get the drift. Now you have something to mix up for your next Game Night with friends, or just to enjoy. And it’s easy and fun to make. Booooo!

To a shaker filled with crushed ice, add:

2 ounces Midori melon liqueur
2 ounces white rum
.75 ounce cream of coconut

Shake it well. Pour unstrained into a large wine glass or goblet. Top up with .75 ounce of tonic water.

Now turn on that black light and watch it glow a ghostly green! Muhahah